Chief Happiness Officer (CHO)

In brief, a CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) is a person to support employees in being/becoming happy.

This should be the case for each and every HR Manager out there but the term CHO has some additional implications:

The job role of a Chief Happiness Officer is not mainly running around with a smile in the face but consists of the following tasks:

Other terms for it

Sometimes it would make sense to place the functions of the CHO under a different job title. This is especially useful in more traditional kinds of businesses to make sure that the role itself is accepted.

ISNED cares about well-being in general and how to apply it to corporate environments. Especially in the case of organizations and companies there is a trend to have Happiness Consultants or even a Chief Happiness Officer to ensure that the whole corporate environment delivers a joyful place to be. This is not just by happiness quotes or measuring the happiness status but involves all corporate processes to increase happiness at work. As a by-product happy employees increase productivity as well but in the first place it is about the individual person and its well-being.

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